A Life Coach Who Will Make a Difference

There are many people today who advertise themselves as Life Coaches.

They may have little or no formal education or training.

On the other hand, I have spent many years helping and motivating people first as a social worker and later as a licensed psychologist.

I have the training and background to help you attain your goals.

Due to my training as a psychologist, I am a skilled communicator and I approach all issues with sensitivity, compassion, and with a sense of humor. Having previously worked in the mental health field in a supervisory capacity, and as co-owner of my own business for the last 18 years, I have the executive background as well in order to help you work through your blockages. Additionally, as an artist and a writer, I offer a unique creative vision to problem solving issues and I am never at a loss for ideas.

On a more personal level, I have conquered many obstacles such as overcoming Crohn’s  Disease, furthering my education as an adult single working parent, and even eradicating a 29 year fear of flying by employing my own technique.

If you are looking for a coach who will make a difference, contact me! 

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