Untitled-1Dr. Diane Mahoney is a psychologist who has worked many years in the field of mental health with a particular interest in relationship issues and goal achievement. She is also well-versed in issues related to chemical/co-dependency and how they block one’s potential. She has an undergratuate degree in French, a masters degree in counseling, a post master’s degree (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study) in psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology.
Dr. Mahoney is a world traveler and is committed to the concept of multicultural equality and harmony.  She is a columnist for the Low Country Weekly in Beaufort County, South Carolina and also for the News Herald in Lake County Ohio.  She is preparing her book  “Anger the Toxic Temptress : Understand it to Overcome It,” for publication.
Besides traveling, other hobbies and past times include  bicycling, walking her dogs Zoe and Mocha, yoga, swimming at the beach, reading and painting.  As per her column/blog “I Was Just Wondering….,” she is dedicated to motivating others to think.