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Anger the Toxic Temptress: Understand It To Overcome It


Do you shudder in disbelief and growing concern at each new headline about another senseless act of violence?  Do you worry about the safety of your children in school?  Have you ever felt threatened by a driver on the road?  Do you feel helpless and fearful about terrorism and global tensions?  If you relate to these concerns, then Anger theToxic Temptress: Understand it to Overcome It will provide you with answers.

  • It demonstrates how anger is the root of personal and global conflict.
  • It challenges the concept that anger is a primary feeling by demonstrating that it is a defense mechanism, a behavior that masks feelings.
  • It illustrates how anger behaves like a stimulant drug.
  • It illuminates how the “drug” anger has grown into an addiction of epidemic proportion.
  • It provides compelling evidence that chronic anger is a symptom of depression.
  • It offers anecdotal support for the use of anti-depressants to curb anger as a symptom of depression.
  • It defines angry behavior as the real threat both personally and globally, contradicting our conditioned belief that expressing anger is healthy and useful.
  • It outlines a revolutionary regimen of weapons to combat this epidemic.

This controversial book is a must read for anyone who is concerned not only with self-improvement, but also for those who share concerns for our global consciousness.

Current global tensions have left many of us feeling frightened and helpless, and Anger the Toxic Temptress empowers the reader with a psycho-spiritual message of hope and challenge for overcoming this toxic scourge.