I’ve been having a hard time lately about my blog.

You see, I’ve been moving for the last several weeks from a home I occupied for 26 years.  My office was also there.  We’re sort of homeless; residing in a temporary space I’m calling the Headquarters, meaning the place out of which we are operating.  I have things here, there, and everywhere until we can finally move in two more days to our new home.  Every day it is a new dilemma.  I can’t find my red stacked heels, I need some Tums which are currently in Neverland, my husband can’t find his spare glasses because the ones he’s wearing broke, but worst of all, is that I seem to have displaced my writing mojo.  So, the question at hand is, what do you do when you’re blocked and can’t do what you need to do?  I was just wondering………

Every day since my last posting I’ve obsessed over what to write about next.  For a while I thought about writing more specifically about the move and the crazy keystone cop drama that has ensued from a real estate agent’s error.  I even started a paragraph.  Thankfully you have been saved from that sorry piece of whining because I had enough wits about me to hit the delete button on purpose!  I lay awake at night thinking of things to write as the pressure to do so mounted and mounted.  While I had lots of ideas in mind, each day was filled with more complications of our crazy “living in limbo situation” so that my body just never found the time to place itself at the microsoft word site on my laptop.

Never mind that I’ve been more than overwhelmed with moving years of confidential records out of my home office to my other location.  Forget about the fact that I am suffering from self-consciousness over my eyebrows which are overgrown with wild grey sprigs because I can’t locate my tweezers.  These are just sorry excuses.  I was grousing about my writing block to my good friend today when she asked what I would do if someone else blocked me from something.  She already knew the answer, but it was one I needed to realize myself.  I generally become very determined if I think someone else might be preventing me from doing something.  In that momentary epiphany, I realized that I was the block; not the overgrown eyebrows, not the Headquarters, not my missing Tums, NOTHING that was related to my temporary fix, but simply put, ME, MYSELF, and I!

“How utterly exasperating!” I thought, as I now turned my attention to how I would get myself out of my way. “It’s like trying to force yourself to go when you’re constipated,” my friend said laughing.  “Yes,” I enjoined, “Or having to make a presentation when you have stage fright.”  “Yes,” she continued, “Or how you obsess about food when you’re on a diet.” “Yes,” I agreed, “Or like when my friend who has harmless heart flutters worries about getting heart flutters and creates them from anxiety.”  We were on a roll now.  I began to put it all together.  Anything you fear and/or worry about gets worse the more you think about it. While there are various solutions to the above problems, I now became more focused on how to unblock myself so I could write again.  “I know!” I finally said with great relief.  “The way to unblock my writing block is to write about it!”  And so began this blog.

But what is the point to this you may be asking?  Is it doing what you want when you feel you can’t?  Is it about facing your fears?  Is it about not making excuses?  It’s all of that and more.  It’s about having the courage to dig deep inside, stop making excuses, face your demons and just take action.  It’s about taking that leap off the high board when you’re not sure where it will lead.  It’s just about taking that first step, which leads to another and another and another and pretty soon the puzzle is complete. So for me to unblock my writing block I had to write about my writing block.  How will you respond the next time you are in a blocked situation? What will you do the next time you get in your way?  How will you dismantle your blocks?  Think about it.  How will you solve the puzzle?

I was just wondering………..